OVCAD – a Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) Project
FP6 is the framework for EU activities in the field of science, research and innovation.
The programme‘s main objective is to contribute to the
creation of the European Research Area by improving research integration and co-ordination in Europe. The research supported under it is targeted at strengthening the competitiveness of the European economy, solving major societal questions and supporting other EU policies.
OVCAD focuses on ovarian cancer diagnosis.
It involves more than 100 persons from 15 research, medical and industry groups based in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands.
The fact that the project brings
together scientists and entrepreneurs ensures that the findings will be directly applied in leading-edge development work, thus contributing to improved health care and living standards in Europe.

OVCAD – “Ovarian Cancer: Diagnosis of a silent killer”
OVCAD is aimed at detection of early molecular traces that indicate the recurrence of ovarian cancer. Molecular traces are ideal indicators of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) as they can easily be identified in a range of body samples.
OVCAD will enable health professionals to detect both early tumour growth and cancer cell dissemination after standard therapy. Patients who are not responding to the latter will already be identified at the time of initial surgery.
OVCAD is of great potential benefit to most ovarian cancer patients. Most of the 63,000 or more new cases in Europe each year are diagnosed at advanced stages. For these patients treatment involves surgery followed by chemotherapy. However 25% relapse within six months after this standard therapy and many die within a few years. In fact, there is some doubt as to whether such patients benefit at all.

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